Saturday, December 13, 2014

Heart-Shaped Cane Project by EJ

This is what  my son made from his Art class this year.  Thanks to the very creative, Mrs. Wright for always thinking of unique ideas for the kids  during this time of the year.  He brought this home a couple of days ago.  I told him that I would open it on Christmas day but he insisted for me to open it  already so I can use, and so I did.
 He apologized for his poor wrapping skills lol.  I told him that  it doesn't matter,  besides he did a wonderful job wrapping it anyway.
 So here it is.  I like the idea of connecting two canes together, it makes a heart-shape.
 I think it is so cute and creative.
 I hanged  it on our Christmas tree...
 But he had  a different idea.  He said that it would  give colors to our window curtain.  He also told me to put the chain he made  earlier.  
Who am I to disagree with my little sweetheart.  
It is a cute  addition to our Christmas decor this year.  My daughter would not tell me what she made this year so I can't wait to see it next week.  Of course, you are going to see it  since I can't keep it for myself, I have to share it to you,  wink.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Charlotte's Web

While we were  driving on our way to Kennywood Park  last June, our daughter was busy doing something at the back while our son was busy talking.  
She brought with her the sketch pad  because she knew that  the drive going to the park is long.  We did not know what she was  trying to draw until we got to our destination.  
She tried to draw the cover of the  movie, the Charlotte's Web.  I like it when she  is  being productive even on the road.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Music for your Unborn Baby

When I was pregnant, I used to listen to music because it relaxes me.  Then when my kids were born, we had these set of music CDs that I always play for them to listen to when I am doing house chores.  I am not sure if that influenced their love of music now but I do think that it did help.  

Have you heard about prenatal bonding? This is a way to express how you nurture and take care of your unborn baby. There are many ways to do prenatal bonding. Our friends at say that one of the things you can do as a way to bond with your unborn child is through listening to music. You can listen to music anytime you want. Play soft, calming music while you sleep and during the day. Not only does this help you relax but studies show that the babies remember the music you play when they were still in your womb. How cool is that?

One of the most commonly suggested songs for babies are the classic music of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Music though, doesn’t affect fetal development. It’s true, the baby kicks and moves when they hear music but no one really can tell exactly what those movements mean. So if you’re pregnant, go ahead and start playing those amazing classical music for baby! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ballade Performance at PNC Hall Recital in Duquesne University

Today (12-6-14) was our daughter's first performance in Duquesne University.  She was a bit nervous  but I think that she did really well considering the span of time that she   spend with their  music program.  The class performance was held at PNC Hall Recital  at Mary Pappert School of Music Building.
Most of the performances were violin.  There's only two of them that played piano.
She was a bit stressed out  this week thinking about the recital but I think that she did just fine.
Here is the  video I recorded of her.  It's a bit shaky but I hope that you like her Ballade performance.

Shadow Shots

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Finger Painting

My daughter did this few years ago before she  started going to school.  I kept it  even though it doesn't seem to be an art.  I thought that using her fingers as a medium for this  was creative so here it is, saving the memory.
It's nice to keep small things that they  made when they were younger because you can go back and say "Oh look at this, you painted this when you were..."

Center for Music and Arts

One of my children's favorite place to go is the Center for Music and Arts because they get to  draw and try some music instruments.  Both of them are wishing  for music instrument  this Christmas from Santa. They have been very good in school and we promised them that we are going to get them what they like if they keep their god performances. 
Another music instrument that both of my kids want for Christmas is an electric organ.  Hubby is thinking of getting it but I would prefer getting the instrument that they  can use  when they start  their lessons next year.
Tomorrow, I will do some reading about the baritone saxophone reeds because my  daughter was asking me something about it.  I would have never thought that I will have kids that are very interested in music.  I hope that they would stay that way even they are adult already because music is very therapeutic.  

Church Project in Religion Class

Sometimes,  an idea would come to  my daughter's mind about something.  She was researching about St. Francis of Assisi and she wanted to incorporate  the church in her presentation so she made this  cardboard box into a  church.
When she makes projects, it means a big mess but I don't mind as long as it occupies her mind, I don't mind  cleaning up.  
I will let her  put some details on how she made this but for now, I am posting these photos for you.
She was very happy that her religion teacher liked  her creation.
Will update this soon.

Australian Shepherd Puppies Sketch

I always tell my kids that they are lucky that they  got their Dad's artsy genes because I don't have it in me.  Well, my husband always tells me that  he is sure that I have it in me as well.  So to prove me wrong, he bought this book with  step by step on  how to draw  dogs.  He told me to try it sketching one and I chose this Australian Shepherd Puppies.
Here's the result of my first attempt.  I think I butchered it but hubby thinks, it's a good start.  Oh I wish I have the artist in me because I have a lot of ideas that I want to draw but can't.
Speaking of  dogs, our Jack Russel Terrier  gets this allergy when the cold season rolls in so I am checking  an online pharmacy if they have something that  I could give Champ.  My husband bought something from the store, we gave it to him but it did not work.  Hopefully I could find something that would work.

It's not Goodbye by Laura Pausini #LegendsOfTheFall

My brother would have been 51 this year if he didn't die so young. The song "It's Not Goodbye" by Laura Pausini really to...

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