Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Artsy Kind of Day at St. Francis Xavier School

Our  trip to Moundsville became an artsy kind of day for the  kids, thanks to the kind  lady who offered  to let the kids use their art room while the    parents are dismantling the  playset outside.  It was so nice of her to let us  in the school building and let the kids used the art supplies.
My son  made something for his Dad and my daughter painted something for me.
He also played with playdough and   painted something for the lady.
This is what he  made for his Dad.
This goofball lady can be very creative  most of the times especially when she is bored.  Over the course of summer break she have painted like a dozen of different paintings.  I will have to share it here soon.  I don't mind buying her materials  because she can really put them to use.  My plan is to remodel our basement and use halp part of it for their art works.
She warned me  not to post it but I thought she did a great job so I posted it lol.
To the lady at St. Francis Xavier Parish, thank you very much for making my children's  stay in Moundsville an awesome one.  You didn't have to do that but  you did so I appreciated it so much!

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