Monday, August 31, 2015

Cool Art Displays

There are two  yogurt business  here in our area but now, only one is opened and the other one has closed for good.  I find these  art pieces display at one of the existing yogurt place very cool.  It certainly contrast the mustard color of the  wall paint.
I wouldn't mind having this in my living room.
Here's my daughter doodling something at their   blackboard.  I think that every businesses should put up a board like this to give kids  an outlet to express their artistic side.  It gives kids something to do instead of just running around the buisness premises.  
She always use this drawing when she wants to sign something.
I even like  the FP shelves  they put in the  front area of the business which stands for Fuzzy Peach.  Aside from yugort, they sell  colorful shirts and other things.  
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Green Musician : Book Review

During the registration in school, I talked to the music teacher and told her that our daughter is not going back to Duquesne University this year.  I told her the reason why Rylie did not want to continue taking  the music program because she was getting stressed out.  Her piano teacher there  is a too strict that she was not having fun learning anymore.  We didn't want her to   dislike  playing piano so it was best to pull her out and just continue their lessons here in our area.  I am glad she  supported our decision and understand the circumstances.  
Anyway, I got this book, The Green Musician, from Wisdom Tales because I want my kids to  learn a lesson or two from this book  that was adapted from a 1,000 year old Persian story by Mahvash Shahegh.  It is a tale of Barbad,  the musician who is originally found in the legendary “Book of Kings” (Shahnameh), which tells the story of the mystical past of ancient Persia. 
This stunning artwork was created by an  award-winning illustrator, Claire Ewart.  She  gently brings this whimsical story to life.  At the end of the story, the kids learned that  dream comes true in this magical tale of patience and determination.  This story  proves that all good things really do come to those who wait.  Thus  book is called The Green Musician because the maun character  wore a green costume so he could blend in with the trees and play his instrument  without being seen.  There's a lot of good lessons to learn with this book so I highly recommend it.  
At the end of the story, the kids learned that  dream comes true in this magical tale of patience and determination, which proves that all good things really do come to those who wait.  my own  proof for that.
My daughter was very inspired of the characters in the book.  She  is very impatient so she learned that if you have the perseverance and patience, you can achieve  things that you want  in life.  

I asked my son what he learned from the book and he told me that jealousy is not a good thing.  He is amazed of how patient the main character was in waiting to be able to  play music.  I am so glad that my son  have developed his passion in music as well.  We enrolled him in piano lesson before but he only lasted  a couple of weeks and  he was done.  Then last year, we asked again if he wants to try it out and he agreed.  Now he loves it.  He love playing for us.  He still have a lot to learn but I am sure that he will get there.
Here he is playing the  "This is not a Jungle Bell"  son.  His confidence   went up high after  his first recital attendance.  He did not believe that he can do it before but with our encouragement and his sister's help, he is starting to  really embrace it.
Here's Rylie playing Summer's End  E
Disclosure: The author of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.  

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