Friday, August 29, 2014

Bleeding Crayons

This is one of the many art projects that my daughter worked on during this past summer break. She did a lot but she is very fond of this one.  I think she  was inspired by her classmate who won an art contest using crayon as the medium for her art piece.
I would like to put this in the frame if I can find the right size.

From Dancing to Playing Piano

When you watch a talent show nowadays, most of talented kids showcase dancing as their  form of craft.  I am sure that some of them  might have  have private dance lessons that's why they are so good.  Although I admit that some are just born with the talent as a good dancer.  I was very surprised when my daughter  won with her piano piece  against  so many beautiful  dance numbers with awesome choreography.  I guess, many  can dance but only few can play piano and that's my analogy.
I am really glad that my daughter switched from dancing into  playing piano though because she loves playing  more than dancing.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Earth Doodle

My daughter was asked by her teacher to draw something that the 8th  graders need for their recollection activity.  Since my daughter love to doodle, she  said that she would do it and this is what she came up with.
She was very surprised when the teacher gave her something as a reward.  She did not expect it but she was very happy.  You can see what she got from her teacher here.
I am so glad that she  is very much involved in school. It helps her grow as a person.  She used to be very shy but she is starting to come out of her shell now that she gain some self confidence from  engaging into some activities.  

Friday, August 22, 2014

EJ wants to be a DJ

My  husband and son were looking at dj equipment online yesterday.  I don't know why he is into  becoming a DJ.  He watches these videos on Youtube of how DJ really get into the groove when they are doing their  music.  My son find it very cool  to be a DJ.  The fact that one of my daughter's classmates' Dad is a DJ really encouraged him to become one.  He asked me one time if it's alright to be a DJ and I told him that no matter what he  decided to do when he grows up, we are just here to support him.

It's not Goodbye by Laura Pausini #LegendsOfTheFall

My brother would have been 51 this year if he didn't die so young. The song "It's Not Goodbye" by Laura Pausini really to...

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