Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Artist Premier Set Art KIt: Thanks Santa!

EJ has been very good this year so Santa  have rewarded him for that!. He wish for an art kit that he could call his own because she borrowed  stuff from his sister whenever he wanted to draw something.  I am glad that Santa brought him these.  He was delighted to see it!
 One of his gazillion Christmas list is to have his own "professional" art kit and his wish came true.  Great job Santa!  
He also got different kinds of pencil for sketching.  
I arranged  all of it  at his Avengers Vault that he got for his birthday.
 He told us "I feel like an artist now that I have my own set!"
Here is the very first   sketch he did.  He wasn't  satisfied of this but I thought he did a great job.  I am  my children's number one fun so I am always biased lol.
I love  gifts like this because it really spark the children's artistic creativity.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Putting Back Creativity to Work

I miss my kids creativity  when they  are so busy playing games on their iPod.  I took away their iPods for  now  because I want them to go back to  doing other things that  ignites their creativity.  Those games can be very addictive  so it is best to limit their time for it.   
As soon as I put their iPods away,  they  get to do things that they neglect to do when their faces are buried on the screen.  Although I like the  silence when they are playing  in their gadgets but it is taking away  their creativity.  So putting away their gadgets is a great option to  get their creativity back.

The Juggler

There are so many songs that my kids play at home that I haven't recorded yet.  I have to do that this month before it slips my mind again.  It is nice to   view  their videos  a year or two later and see their progess.  The video below is  called "The Juggler" as performed by our little man.  I wish I can  use one of these musicians I friend coupon code so I can buy them the musical instrument that they want  for Christmas.  I can't afford to buy each  of the instruments they want  right now.

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