Monday, January 27, 2014

Music and Arts of Life

Hello there world.  I decided to create this  new blog  for our love  of music.  This will be our avenue to express our thoughts through music and other forms of arts.  I have been toying this in my mind for a long time and  this time, I went ahead and created it.  Hopefully, I could enlighten your day in some ways though the  songs and other forms of arts that I would posts in here.  

Music is a big part of my life.  
Whenever I need an inspiration, 
I want to listen to music.  
Whenever I am sad, 
I listen to music.  
Whenever I am inspired, 
I sing, although I am not that good.

Music, Arts, Dance
Three words that  brings us delight
We love to sing and dance
We express our emotions
Any form of arts
that brings love.

Our life is like music
We need to  find the right tune
We take different  paths
to find the right one.

Our lives involves music
We need to dance around challenges 
to  overcome them
Sometimes steps are slow
sometimes we need to do it fast.

No matter how we dance 
No matter how we deal with our lives
it will always involve music and arts
Pick the best tune
Make it last.

Music brings  joy
Music brings life
Let us perfect
The Music and Arts of Life.

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