Saturday, December 13, 2014

Heart-Shaped Cane Project by EJ

This is what  my son made from his Art class this year.  Thanks to the very creative, Mrs. Wright for always thinking of unique ideas for the kids  during this time of the year.  He brought this home a couple of days ago.  I told him that I would open it on Christmas day but he insisted for me to open it  already so I can use, and so I did.
 He apologized for his poor wrapping skills lol.  I told him that  it doesn't matter,  besides he did a wonderful job wrapping it anyway.
 So here it is.  I like the idea of connecting two canes together, it makes a heart-shape.
 I think it is so cute and creative.
 I hanged  it on our Christmas tree...
 But he had  a different idea.  He said that it would  give colors to our window curtain.  He also told me to put the chain he made  earlier.  
Who am I to disagree with my little sweetheart.  
It is a cute  addition to our Christmas decor this year.  My daughter would not tell me what she made this year so I can't wait to see it next week.  Of course, you are going to see it  since I can't keep it for myself, I have to share it to you,  wink.


  1. Love this so much, the heart shaped can is so cute; what a perfect thing to make for the holidays!

  2. Yay! You're so lucky to have a creative kids. They absolutely used their wild imagination. I read a book that age 8-10 is very crucial to use their imagination or else it will stop at that age because parents forget and ignore their kids to be crafty and use their creativeness.


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