Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Center for Music and Arts

One of my children's favorite place to go is the Center for Music and Arts because they get to  draw and try some music instruments.  Both of them are wishing  for music instrument  this Christmas from Santa. They have been very good in school and we promised them that we are going to get them what they like if they keep their god performances. 
Another music instrument that both of my kids want for Christmas is an electric organ.  Hubby is thinking of getting it but I would prefer getting the instrument that they  can use  when they start  their lessons next year.
Tomorrow, I will do some reading about the baritone saxophone reeds because my  daughter was asking me something about it.  I would have never thought that I will have kids that are very interested in music.  I hope that they would stay that way even they are adult already because music is very therapeutic.  

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  1. My daughter is interested in music too, I'm planning to enroll her in musical theater after the violin gets old.


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