Saturday, May 16, 2015

Manga Anime Sketch

Daughter tried to sketch a Manga Character or anime character and she  did not like how ut turned out.  I on the otherside thinks that it is good.  I wish there's an effective way to tell my daughter that she can't  do a thing perfectly in one try.  Wghen I tell her to  practice, she would just  give up on it., sigh.  

What do you think?  Any suggestions how to encourage  little ,imds to   continue  practicing?

He Love Singing More than Playing Instrument

While we were dropping off our son to his piano lessons yesterday, he said "I think it is more enjoyabe to sing than play piano".  So, I am thinking that it would be beneficial if we could enroll him a  voice lesson.  He enjoys singing more than playing piano anyway.  Here he is  practicing Old McDonald song.
Like any other music instruments, there are different kinds of  trombones.  Do you know what trombone to buy?  The 3 main types of trombones are straight tenor, trigger-type tenor which is also known as F-rotor or F-attachment,  and bass trombones.  I guess students need a student trombone, I am not sure what the intermidiate is for, and the professional uses  the Pro rombones of course.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Tree of Life

My daughter was browsing through my posts here in this blog  earlier this afternoon and looking for this  specigic  drawing that she did a year ago.  I thought I already posted this but  I was totally wrong as I can't find it lol.  UI have so many things that I want to post in my blogs but I  don't have enough time to do it all.
Anyway, she call this drawing the Tree of Life.  This tree reminds me of the Tamarind tree  that I used to climb on when I was a kid at my  grandparents' house.  
I thought she did a great job on this  drawing but  as usual she  always think that it is not enough.  I mean for  someone who doesn't  have a proper lesson in painting, I think it's pretty good.  I maybe bias because she is my daughter but, it isn't too bad, is it?
The art teacher in school  told me before that maybe we should enroll our daughter to an art lesson.  We thought about it but there is no one here in opur area.  I will just keep buying her  books and  other tools where she can learn.  Those youtube video tutorials  comes in handy.

Taylor Swift : Blank Space Music Video

One of my daughter's favoprite musician is Taylor Swift.  She tried to  sketch  Taylor Swift  ine day and this is what she came up with.  Drawing people is one of her frustrations, she  can't  draw  them the way she wants  it but I told her that it's okay.  I mean,  her sketch is not that bad.  I cam't really draw anything so or me, it's already beautiful.  
 One of the many music video of Taylor Swift that she love watching is this "Blank Space".  (Video isn't mine)
Sometimes, she uses the computer to watch music video  and sometimes she uses her iPod.  Glad she have a casio power supply that she can rely on  in case of  battery malfunction from her gadget.  My children  bickers with each other from time to time but music is one thing that they  really have something in common.

It's not Goodbye by Laura Pausini #LegendsOfTheFall

My brother would have been 51 this year if he didn't die so young. The song "It's Not Goodbye" by Laura Pausini really to...

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