Saturday, April 21, 2018

2018 Torrance Music Recital

This year's music  recital was done a little earlier.  In the previous years, Torrance Music always hold  in June but due to graduation and other events of the older kids, they decided to do it in April.  I like it in June because it isn't cold anymore but April I guess is okay.  It was raining  though on that day so that was a downside.  
The event was held at Memorial Baptist Church  on Sunday, April the 15th.
Glad to have a family like the Howells, they never missed to attend my kids special event, we appreciate it very much. 
I offered to  make my  daughter's hair but she did not want me to do  anything with itm, she said it looks fine the way it is.  Makes me a bit sad that my daughter does not want my help anymore.  She's almost 13 and  so far, she hasn't show any interest in makeup or any other cosmetic stuff.  I think she will grow up just like her Mom lol.
This is Ms. Fedoush, her  piano teacher.  She is a wonderful teacher to  my daughter.  She is very patient and kind which  we love  very much.  She's the reason why my daughter plays very well in piano.  Due to  school events and the scheduling of her piano lessons, my daughter asked if she can take a break with piano for a while.  I hope she would still consider going back to  taking  piano lessons again, I would miss it if  she stop playing because she is good at it.
This is Ms. Tipton, she's our daughter's  violin teacher.  This is her first year teaching and also my daughter's first year of  taking violin lessons.   She wasn't gonna  play  during the recital but because Ms. Tipton is  leaving, she wanted her students to showcase  what they have learned from her.  She  is graduating from her teaching degree from Franciscan University and she has a job offer in Ohio so she is leaving the area.  Fortunately, she  have  recommended another violin teacher who will  assume her position which is nice. 
Rylie made some  thank you cards for both of her teachers.
As a tradition, we  went out to have dinner , this time, we went to  Theo Yianni's.   
The Howells always have a bouquet for her in every recital.
Our little girls is definitely growing.  In my eyes, she is still my little girl  even though she  act and feel like she is 20 already lol.  I miss the times when I can  do her hair and those things that we did when she was little.  As she grows, she changes.  
She played  The Flight of the Mourning Dove on Piano and Fiddlesticks on Violin. 

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