Saturday, March 19, 2016

Planet Venus Model

Our daughter did a study report about the planet Venus.  We bought her  a styro ball and  some  play dough to finish the look of  her planet.  She did the marble design using the  clay dough.  I never  thought of  using the clay dough for it but it worked really good.  
This is  the type of projects that she enjoys doig.  Anything science and things that involve arts and crafts, she's on it.
I will update this  later. 
Shadow Shots

Friday, March 18, 2016

Listening to Like I'm Gonna Lose You

When I am  feeling stressed, music is  my way of calming myself.  One of my favorite  songs of Meghan Trainor  is the Like I'm Gonna Lose You with John Legend.  I thought they did a great job with this song.

I am having a bit of anxiety thinking about moving.  I know that it is for the best but I  shake off the feeling of  leaving my very first home.  I came to  love this home and I maintained it the way I wanted, it makes me sad to leave this home.  I can't even remember how the kitchen on that other house looks like.  I know that it was a smaller kitchen compared to this  current one that we have but I am hoping that it has slides for pantry or else we wil have to buy.  My husband is already thnking of replacing the cabinets since it is old but it is going tobe  a long time  before we can do that.  I should be excited but here  I am  anxious about it, oh boy! 

 You can see from the background of the photo above the house that will become our future home.

Summer's Nocturne by Catherine Rollin played by Rylie

I love it when  our daughter is into the zone of playing piano.  She can sit there and play for  hours if she is in the mood.  The funny thing that she does  is when I tell her to take a shower, she would  sit in front of the piano and play first before she finally go  in the shower lol.  Anyway, before I   look at the selectionn of these  Hohner Harmonicas , I included a  short video of her  practicing the Summer's Nocturne by Catherine Rollin.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Holiday Mini Concert

On December 5th, Torrance Music   have collaborated with  a local busines to  hold their first  holiday mini concert.  Each students played  one song and it was fun to watch.  I wasn't sure if this was the first time they did it but I thought it was a nice idea.  The business  got extra customers that  night and  the family had fun.  I just wish that they  chose  a bigger place to hold this kind of even because it was crowded!Both BUrrits played their piece on piano.  Below is  the video I recorded on the camera.  Please pardon the noise on the background.

It's not Goodbye by Laura Pausini #LegendsOfTheFall

My brother would have been 51 this year if he didn't die so young. The song "It's Not Goodbye" by Laura Pausini really to...

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