Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shadows, Showroom, and Kawehi's I'd Never Tell Song Video

I love these two shadows on the wall.  The Empire State Building was a project that my daughter did  in her gifted class. 
  The flag is my very first  flag as a citizen of the United States, it symbolizes my new home country  .
 Sharing  you below is the showroom that my daughter  created  on her spare time.  She  is always busy doing  little things that could occupy her mind.  She's definitely a busy beaver, always thinking of something  to do rather than just sit or watch TV.  
She used grocery bag for the shower curtains but I have no idea what the box was on top of the shower.
  She made those set of chairs and bar stools out of cardboard box and the tissue paper rolls.   She painted the floor to represent  black and white  tiles.
She told me that she would bring this for Show and Tell but she decided not to. However, she showed it to her art teacher and her art teacher wanted to submit to an art contest but my daughter submitted a different entry.
She printed this blocks to represent the brick wall.  I am glad that my kids are always busy doing things at home.  Busy mind is always better than idle minds right?  
Last but the not the least is one of my favorite songs of the Hawaiian singer, Kawehi. You may listen to it and share your thoughts about her  talent.

Thank you very much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.
ABC WednesdayShadow Shots

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Robert William Wood's October Morn Painting

Hubby and I were watching TV this morning when suddenly I have this urge to look up  the artist of this painting.  I found out some interesting facts including the title of this painting and about the artist.  Researching it on Google, I found out that this particular painting is called October Morn by a popular  landscape Painting Artist, Robert William Wood.    (Photo is courtesy by Wikipedia, link below).

Robert William Wood was born in England on March 4, 1889 and died on March 14, 1979. He was an American landscape painter.He emigrated to the United States and rose to prominence in the 1950s.  The painting above and below is one of the many sales of millions of his color reproductions. He was active in the art colonies of San Antonio, Texas in the 1930s, Monterey, California in the 1940s and Laguna Beach in the 1950s. Such a remarkable artist.  This information was derived from Wikipedia
Photo taken using  my iPhone
This painting has a brown paper backing that is slightly tearing apart on the top edge and it has the following written on it TV 29-207 V2431-16-431.  Based on the info I read, this sells around $100 online.  

This painting was inherited by my husband from his  parents.  Dad gave this to us when we moved  at our home 7 years ago.  I thought that it is a beautiful painting.  I just now learned that the  artist who painted this is a well-known landscape painting artist.
Photo taken using a  DSLR
Another big  painting that we have at home is this pastel painting with a signature of an artist named Andrew.  I didn't find much information about this one.  I did however find a blog that discusses about an artist named Andrew Gunderson.  I contacted him and  sent him this photo to see if it's one of Gunderson's work of art  but we will see what he thinks.  He is a collector of Gunderson's pastel paintings so he  knows a lot.  
This painting was given to us by the former owner of this house.  She was old when we bought this house so she left  this painting along with other   frames  which I truly love!  If you have any information about these painting, would be so kind to please leave me a message through comment.  I would love to find out more about these works of art!  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Shoebox Diorama of Congo Rain Forest

Guest Post by my 9-year Old Daughter, Rylie, my co-author at Kids e-Connection blog.

I made this Congo Rain Forest diorama as a science project for school.  It came out pretty well and I got 100 on it.  For the materials I went to Hobby Lobby. I managed to find some things that would go well with the project.  I got a material called, Clump Foliage, and that was used for the leaves, bushes, treetops, and shrubs.  I also picked up a little pack of rain forest animals. I only used three animals, I focused more on the  hippopotamus, the mountainous gorilla, and the okapi, which is a rain forest deer.  Then, I hot glued those down, I ended up putting the hippo on the top of the mountain by the waterfall, the gorilla munching on the greenery kind of hidden behind a tree, and lastly the okapi out in the open going to drink some water.
 Now we will take it back to the beginning and I will show you, or tell you in this case, how I made the mountain for the waterfall to drizzle down.I first took drew out a design for the mountain.  Then I found some scraps of card board and hot glued them in the formation of my design.  I made a paste with flour and glue, and watered it down with some warm water. I ripped some strips of magazines and used a technique called paper mache.  I covered it with the glue coated paper and let it dry.
 Next I tested out how I was going to make the waterfall. So, I took some wax paper and cut a big square.  I then took my hot glue gun and made wiggly lines next to each other on it and it formed like a stream.  I made two big streams, one little square, and a big patch for the lake area.  I ended up using about four sticks of glue, but it was worth it for the great end result. I had to add some miniature jungle trees to make it look like a jungle and not just a waterfall.  I succeeded by making them with little twigs and the clump foliage.  I took some twigs from outside and hot glued some of the foliage on. I made four and hot glued those down.Then I scattered some foliage around to look like vines and other plants. 
 I had printed out a few sheets of facts beforehand and made some information sheets out of green card stock and simply wrote down some facts either side if the box.  I found this map of Africa and glued it to the back and circled where the Congo is located.
 I also made fact sheets on the animals too.  Again with the card stock I wrote some facts.  O covered those with foliage and glued them on.  I put the hippo facts on the rock face, the gorilla facts on the wall with some vines, and the okapi facts by the water.
Here are the gorilla facts...
And the okapi's...
And finally, the hippo's...
I hope that you like my writing and presentation.  Please feel free to leave  me your thoughts on what I could improve on as an aspiring  writer and  artist.  Thank you!

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