Saturday, January 28, 2017

Music and Arts Supplies for 2017

I saw my daughter's wish list for Christmas  so that's what we got for her.  I am glad that "Santa " is no longer a secret  now, they can tell exactly what they want for gifts.  Along with other gifts, Rye Bean has a new set of  colored pencil.  She go through this  very fast so we got her a new set.
She also wanted  a Doodle  Chaos coloring book.  She have so much fun coloring very little character in this book.  One page takes a long time to finish that's why she loves it because it keeps her  mind  occupied.  
She  is very inspired by the creator of this  doodle chaos, he is a young Filipino.  She wishes she could create something like this.
She love to read so I got her some new books .  This is a series so  it would take time before she could finish it.
She love to read  before she sleeps so I thought this Kandle flex  was a great accessory for the books sh e has,  This way, she can read her books in bed without the  bright light in the room.
According to her, the best gift that she received is the violin.  She has been planning to take  a violin lesson so we got her one.  Unlike trx cymbals, the violin and piano will not give me a migraine as the sound very soothing.  We are still looking for a  violin teacher in the area so  she could start taking lessons.  Meanwhile, I told her to  watch some YouTube videos maybe she can pick something to start  with.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

Music Recital

One of the many things I look forward to during Summer is the music recital. Torrance Music only has one recital every year so we always look forward to it. Whenever  my daughter need  something for her music, I always check  first because they usually have what I am looking for.  They provide a lot of music  accessories and instruments at their website so it is kind of my go-to shopping  store online.  I am not sure what  song  my daughter is playing  for the recital this year but I can't wwait.  Below is the video of her recital performance last year.    

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