Friday, April 23, 2021

Second Place for Art Contest

This is one of the many events that I wasn't able to post right away because of my desktop computer crashing.  I have no artistic inclination so I am very amazed of how my daughter could draw and paint well.  I think she has the genes of my husband's side of the family.
This contest was sponsored by the Weirton Area Museum and Arts Center.  My daughter's former Art teacher at St. Joseph, Mrs. Wright, told me about it so I told my daughter.  She didn't do her piece until Madonna High School handed them the invitation.
She looked very sleepy here, she painted till late at night so she could submit it the next morning.
Here are the five entries from Madonna High School.  Her piece was second placve.
This was one of the last events she participated into before the  pandemic hits.
With one of her favorite high school teacher.  It was nice of him to go there and support the students.
With Mallory O'Brian, our former neighbor who also attends MHS.  Her piece was the 1st place.  
My husband and I went there as well.  It was pack full of people from different schools.

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