Monday, August 19, 2019

Music Recital 2019

Torrance Music Studio held their annual  recital a little early this year so that  the older students who are graduating can attend without schedule conflict.  I am so glad that our son returned  once again in playing piano.  He gave himself a break for a year but we encouraged him to try it again this year and he is enjoying it actually.
Our daughter was the only one who participated in the recital last year .  We missed watching our son play as well so were so glad he is on it again this year.
I remember the first time that both of them played in 2015 recital, it was a joy to watch both of them.
We also enjoyed their performance the following year, 2016 recital.
2014 was the very first recital for our daughter.  She played the song that she won playing at a talent show.
In the same year, she  attended music classes in Duquesne University and also participated in their  recital.  It was a great experience for her but unfortunately he was stressed out attending  there so we told her it ain't worth it if she's not enjoying it.
I am glad that both of these kiddos love music.  I love it when they are at home practicing and playing songs on piano.  Our daughter enjoys piano more than violin.
Mrs. R. Fedoush is an excellent music teacher for our kids.  She is  very patient and really hones their talent.
After the recital, we had some refreshments at Taco Bell.  In the past years, we usually  go out  for a dinner with friends but this year was different because they couldn't make it to dinner so we just treat the kids with something light.
Our daughter's godmother attended and gave her a bouquet.
These are some photos taken after the recital when we came back home.
Below are the videos we managed to record. Hard to get a good one when you are sitting at the back. EJ played Mier's Firecracker Boogie Rylie played Bruchner's Buds and Blossoms on piano and Tchaikovzky's Waltz from Sleeping Beauty on violin.

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  1. Very good job!! What a beautiful recital!! I have practiced similar songs and learned in here but this is fantastic indeed! Bravo!


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