Monday, August 19, 2019

Life is in the Soil: Dig Deeper Art Contest Winner

Our son won the art contest that the West Virginia Association of Conservation District (WVACD) held last school year. His art work won for the school and was chosen to represent his grade division to compete for other entries from other schools. He received $30 as a school winner. I wish his artwork would have been returned to us so I could display it in our art room but it was sent to represent for the National competition to be judged in October.
In July, he received another check from the WVACD and he was so happy.  He was never interested in joining contest because he feared of not being chosen.  We told him that it is okay to try, if he wins, it's good but if not at least he gained an experience.  Now that he won something, he is motivated.
My daughter won the same art contest few years ago but she didn't make it to the national contest.  One positive side was, she got her art back.


  1. Wow! I love that art! It really speaks a lot of social issues. So nice!

  2. I like the theme: Dig Deeper. It made me think... what really down there below. (Carlo Loreto)

  3. First and foremost congratulations to your son. I have noticed that your kids are into arts and music. You have trained them so well.

  4. Congratulations Mister Burrito! Well done! His drawing is really good and that will certainly make way for a good future. He is a bright and talented kid. All your kids are smart sis! :)

  5. Lovely Family and activities that are educational like here You inspire others!


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