Friday, December 30, 2016

Little Snowmen Village and Other Craft Projects

Every year after Christmas, I always  look for something that I can turn into something different for the next Christmas.  I have these small snowman ornaments and thought of combining them all together in one little village.  The  gift box with snowmen theme was perfect to put all of them together.  So  here it is.   
Aft first I only put 8 characters in there  but I found some more in my little tree so I just added them all together.  
 I have this  card holder and thought that it would be perfect to incorporate it in the snowmen village with this  great message.  I forgot where I got these  but they sure are perfect to my project.  
 I put this refrigerator magnet  on top.  The message "If you have faith, nothing will be impossible to you" resonates with me.
 Most of these snowmen ornament were given to me as gifts  and they are   pretty small for our big Christmas tree.  
 These four snowmen are the original ones.  My sister-in-law gave them to us during my first Christmas here in the States.
 I know that this is suppose to be just  snowmen but I have these small people and the nativity scene SO I incorporated them as well.
 The other  projects that I worked on are these wreaths.  I bought the  plain wreath  on sale, they were 50% off so I thought it would be nice to make some more wreath to hang in our windows next year.
 I also made these small ones.  I used the  pine cones and  old  Christmas balls to decorate it.

Glad my  daughter have a hot glue gun, it helped a lot in my projects.  I haven't   removed my Christmas decors yet but I have additional to   for next year.  I always wait till the new year before I removed all the decorations.  


  1. Your Christmas decor is so cute. I wish I was patient enough to leave mine up until the new year, but I'm not. Mine was packed away two days after Christmas. At least I get one more look at Christmas decor. :)

  2. I love the idea of making something every year. I absolutely love making crafty things for the house. I made all the decorations for our wedding adn enjiyed it so much! I might give one of the pine cone wreaths a try for next year they are lovely

  3. That was a beautiful holiday craft! I wish I had your talent in making pretty things like this. Next year, I would probably make something similar, but I would ask help from my niece. She's the artsy-crafty type in the family.

  4. Sis R, your family is so crafty. These turned out really cute.

  5. Such an adorable display of little snowmen sis! I like them. They are really cute, colourful and the background, wow! You're a creative momma too.


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