Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Donna Taggart - Jealous Of The Angels

I didn't know about Donna Taggart  until I have listened to the song  called Jealous of the Angels on youtube.  This song really make me miss my father who passed away  13 years ago.  I never got to say goodbye to him as he passed so suddenly.  O love  this song and her voice is so angelic that it really touches my emotions.  It would be nice to learn how to play this in an instrument and have  fabfilter do it's magic to have it sound so perfectly.  I have seen some  artists did a version of this song too but I though Donna Taggart did  a  great job, her voice is so honest and sincere.  


  1. Lovely song it says everything I feel for my wife of 38yrs went to be an angle and that she was I got the CD cause this song will always remind me of my angle

  2. What a beautiful song I lost my best friend my mother after 9 weeks of been sick with cancer. This song has helped me understand god only takes the best .

  3. This is so beautiful and true! My Dad also left to soon without a farewell kiss from me but I know he sits at Jesus' feet and we will meet again!


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