Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Taylor Swift : Blank Space Music Video

One of my daughter's favoprite musician is Taylor Swift.  She tried to  sketch  Taylor Swift  ine day and this is what she came up with.  Drawing people is one of her frustrations, she  can't  draw  them the way she wants  it but I told her that it's okay.  I mean,  her sketch is not that bad.  I cam't really draw anything so or me, it's already beautiful.  
 One of the many music video of Taylor Swift that she love watching is this "Blank Space".  (Video isn't mine)
Sometimes, she uses the computer to watch music video  and sometimes she uses her iPod.  Glad she have a casio power supply that she can rely on  in case of  battery malfunction from her gadget.  My children  bickers with each other from time to time but music is one thing that they  really have something in common.

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