Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Music Notes

I bought two  music-themed scarves during the  Secret Santa Shopping that I planned to give to my daughter on Christmas.  Then she accidentally discovered my stack in the  closet and asked if she can give one of the scarves to her music  teacher.  She said that it would go perfectly with the necklace she bought for her teacher with a music note as a pendant.
 She is not a scarf-type of girl so we  ended up using the scarf to cover her keyboard.
I would like to find more of this scarf so I can  make the  cover of her keyboard a lot wider.


  1. Those are nice scarfs. When I was young, I wanted to learn how to play the piano but was not given a chance so I want my daughter to learn piano too. Good thing, her school is offering piano lesson this summer.

  2. That scarf is beautiful. I really love your necklace to. That's very pretty. I love that you used the scarf to cover the piano. Very lovely.

  3. The scarf and necklace are so pretty!!

  4. I guess you didn't want your daughter to give her teacher both the necklace and the scarf. Probably would be a little too much. Try googling piano decorated scarf and see what you come up with-hey you never know!

  5. That's a lovely scarf and that necklace is lovely as well. Those are really perfect gifts to give to people who love music.

  6. I love the necklace. Just buy her something else and this time hide it from her. The decorated scarf is beautiful as well.


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