Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Church Project in Religion Class

Sometimes,  an idea would come to  my daughter's mind about something.  She was researching about St. Francis of Assisi and she wanted to incorporate  the church in her presentation so she made this  cardboard box into a  church.
When she makes projects, it means a big mess but I don't mind as long as it occupies her mind, I don't mind  cleaning up.  
I will let her  put some details on how she made this but for now, I am posting these photos for you.
She was very happy that her religion teacher liked  her creation.
Will update this soon.


  1. Wow! Rylie has a great talent. I'm impress how she puts it all together.

  2. Rylie is so creative and super talented kid. You must be so proud. :) And btw, I like that church she made out of carton box.


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