Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shadows, Showroom, and Kawehi's I'd Never Tell Song Video

I love these two shadows on the wall.  The Empire State Building was a project that my daughter did  in her gifted class. 
  The flag is my very first  flag as a citizen of the United States, it symbolizes my new home country  .
 Sharing  you below is the showroom that my daughter  created  on her spare time.  She  is always busy doing  little things that could occupy her mind.  She's definitely a busy beaver, always thinking of something  to do rather than just sit or watch TV.  
She used grocery bag for the shower curtains but I have no idea what the box was on top of the shower.
  She made those set of chairs and bar stools out of cardboard box and the tissue paper rolls.   She painted the floor to represent  black and white  tiles.
She told me that she would bring this for Show and Tell but she decided not to. However, she showed it to her art teacher and her art teacher wanted to submit to an art contest but my daughter submitted a different entry.
She printed this blocks to represent the brick wall.  I am glad that my kids are always busy doing things at home.  Busy mind is always better than idle minds right?  
Last but the not the least is one of my favorite songs of the Hawaiian singer, Kawehi. You may listen to it and share your thoughts about her  talent.

Thank you very much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.
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  1. Congrats on your citizenship!


  2. Love the bright table and chairs!

  3. Your daughter's showroom is so wonderful - she is creative - what a joy for you to have here in your life!

  4. Great pictures of the shadows! How creative is your daughter!

  5. You have a talented daughter, the Empire State Building is quite a project.

  6. Did not expect to like the video, but I did!...love the creativity of your daughter♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/spool-yard/

  7. Pretty, shadowy light in the first two photos. Creative use of materials in the next ones.

  8. congratulations! I sometimes wonder if I'd be able to pass the citizenship test, but I do admire those who work towards their becoming an American citizen.
    Your daughter reminds me of my middle son and my granddaughters who have such a vision as does your daughter. I would never have suspected from what the chairs were made. I love the vignette she constructed!

  9. Your daughter surely must take after you! Creative and busy all the time. Love those shadow shots.

  10. I did something similar as a kid

  11. What great projects! Love the shadows produced!

  12. Love the doll house. Very creative. I enjoyed the video, I will watch more of them later.


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