Sunday, November 16, 2014

Robert William Wood's October Morn Painting

Hubby and I were watching TV this morning when suddenly I have this urge to look up  the artist of this painting.  I found out some interesting facts including the title of this painting and about the artist.  Researching it on Google, I found out that this particular painting is called October Morn by a popular  landscape Painting Artist, Robert William Wood.    (Photo is courtesy by Wikipedia, link below).

Robert William Wood was born in England on March 4, 1889 and died on March 14, 1979. He was an American landscape painter.He emigrated to the United States and rose to prominence in the 1950s.  The painting above and below is one of the many sales of millions of his color reproductions. He was active in the art colonies of San Antonio, Texas in the 1930s, Monterey, California in the 1940s and Laguna Beach in the 1950s. Such a remarkable artist.  This information was derived from Wikipedia
Photo taken using  my iPhone
This painting has a brown paper backing that is slightly tearing apart on the top edge and it has the following written on it TV 29-207 V2431-16-431.  Based on the info I read, this sells around $100 online.  

This painting was inherited by my husband from his  parents.  Dad gave this to us when we moved  at our home 7 years ago.  I thought that it is a beautiful painting.  I just now learned that the  artist who painted this is a well-known landscape painting artist.
Photo taken using a  DSLR
Another big  painting that we have at home is this pastel painting with a signature of an artist named Andrew.  I didn't find much information about this one.  I did however find a blog that discusses about an artist named Andrew Gunderson.  I contacted him and  sent him this photo to see if it's one of Gunderson's work of art  but we will see what he thinks.  He is a collector of Gunderson's pastel paintings so he  knows a lot.  
This painting was given to us by the former owner of this house.  She was old when we bought this house so she left  this painting along with other   frames  which I truly love!  If you have any information about these painting, would be so kind to please leave me a message through comment.  I would love to find out more about these works of art!  


  1. I am sorry no info about these paintings. I hope you will find information you seek.

  2. Those were beautiful paintings, sis. Be sure to check the details of them out. One of them might cost a million. :)

  3. Amazing, it's nice to learn something about the painter. I don't know much about painters but I do love to look and appreciate their efforts.

  4. Gosh now that is one beautiful painting!

  5. that's pretty neat, and what a treasure! Greg loves this kind of painting while I'm much more into canvas.

  6. Those are nice paintings and I am pretty sure the artist digs Nature.

  7. I have that same painting with his signature Robert wood 56 October morn you describe the exact painting I have love the painting but was curious if it was a reproduction or not

  8. I have that, numbers match on back paper. I got it from my grandmother - my name is tracy, if you want more info you may call dogs done right, evansville in 812-402-3212. I don't follow art so no idea if original.


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