Monday, January 27, 2014

Music and Arts of Life

Hello there world.  I decided to create this  new blog  for our love  of music.  This will be our avenue to express our thoughts through music and other forms of arts.  I have been toying this in my mind for a long time and  this time, I went ahead and created it.  Hopefully, I could enlighten your day in some ways though the  songs and other forms of arts that I would posts in here.  

Music is a big part of my life.  
Whenever I need an inspiration, 
I want to listen to music.  
Whenever I am sad, 
I listen to music.  
Whenever I am inspired, 
I sing, although I am not that good.

Music, Arts, Dance
Three words that  brings us delight
We love to sing and dance
We express our emotions
Any form of arts
that brings love.

Our life is like music
We need to  find the right tune
We take different  paths
to find the right one.

Our lives involves music
We need to dance around challenges 
to  overcome them
Sometimes steps are slow
sometimes we need to do it fast.

No matter how we dance 
No matter how we deal with our lives
it will always involve music and arts
Pick the best tune
Make it last.

Music brings  joy
Music brings life
Let us perfect
The Music and Arts of Life.


  1. Yes music indeed gives our inner soul a brand new feeling to inspire deep within.

  2. Music can indeed brighten up our day and make things livelier.

    1. It can awaken your old feeling for someone also and makes you sad.

  3. Aww, such a beautiful poem! We are a musical family too (although I dont play any musical instrument lol. I sing, though. badly hehe. hindi naman. kind of ok lang. I can carry a tune. My girls and the hubby sing well though (and play musical instruments as well ).

    1. Magkakasundo tayo dyan sis. My voice is exclusively for my family's ears only hahaha. Hubby used to play bass but not anymore.

  4. so cute! look like they are having fun
    music is indeed such an important part of life!

  5. WOW! congratulations to your new blog! I've always wanted to make a music blog but I feel so inadequate as I know very little about music though I play a few musical instruments. Wish you luck, girl!

    1. I am not really musically inclined but got inspired to make one hahaha, beside this is not only for music but art in general.

  6. We loved music too and arts! Music is really a stress reliever. It's okay to loved music and to sing even were not professional singers. Music is for everyone! :)

    1. Agree ako dyan, stress can believed simply by listening to a tune that soothes your feeling.

  7. Wow another new blog Rose! Very nice poem about music and art here :)

  8. Thank goodness to music! Music is the language of our soul. I too love music and I love listening to it. Whenever I workout, do household chores, or whenever feeling sad and lonely. Cute photo of the kids, by the way.

  9. Congratulations on this new blog, mommy Rose!

  10. Congratulations on your new blog! Music does so much to make life better and worth living.

  11. Amen to that Kuya Fernan. Listening to music somehow rejuvenates my spirit.

  12. Call me crazy lol but I hope that I can keep this up.

  13. this is wonderful, now you can track and see your passion with music

  14. music eases a weary mind :) i love music too :)

  15. music eases a weary mind :) looking forward to read more sis :)

  16. I didn't know there's a hiding poet in you :-) I have yet to come across someone who actually dislikes music

  17. that's so cool a picture of your kids, I don't know where I would be without music, since it has been my strong force whenever I needed deeper intellectual thinking

  18. Our family loves music as well. It certainly makes life more joyful to live.


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