Monday, February 3, 2014

Moon Wolf Feather

I always admire people who are born with artistic talents like painting or creating any form of arts.   I love this painting that  was displayed at  our room we stayed at Homewood Suites Hilton,   when we had  our vacation last year in San Antonio Texas.  The artist managed to  combine two subjects in one (feather and  the wolf), ain't that neat?

As you can see in the photo, the reflection of the towel and the photographer is visible in the photo. Now tell me, does that make an additional art to it or it ruined the piece?


  1. Oh, the towels were actually part of the photo! I thought the images were embossed in a mirror and the towels were ones in your hotel room. :-)

    1. Yeah, I did not mean to include the towel in the photo but since the art piece was framed in glass, it caught what was visible around it.

  2. Any photo with a little distortion that's good at the perception of a viewer is an art. Very good at that.

  3. That's a nice outwork with the wolf in the feather.

  4. Love this art piece. I am not really familiar with painting and the likes but I do love this.

  5. The effect is actually nice. Like wilderness in a cozy place or something (waah, what am I saying?).

  6. Wow, that one is very creative! I will definitely keep that on a safe place. :)


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