Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Step Up Your Game and Your Health

Getting out and enjoying nature is irresistible this time of year. Strolling through the neighborhood or hiking nearby trails that beckon is a great way to get your daily exercise and the recommended vitamin D from the sun. As you pursue these outdoor activities keep in mind that tracking your activity helps you stay focused on your fitness goals and you can use one of several outdoor accessories from Garmin to do that. Garmin might bring to mind GPS devices for your auto, but they also offer gear and equipment to make your outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, hiking or swimming more enjoyable.
Since they have partnered with Groupon, you can search the site and find Groupon coupons that will save you money on lots of items by Garmin. If you could save as much as 45% or more off the cost of an item, wouldn’t you? It’s as easy as using your smart phone. You can take advantage of sales Garmin offers on outdoor equipment or their activewear and have all of your items shipped in time for your next summer adventure. Choose one of their personal navigation devices and equipment to use in the car, on a motorcycle or on yourself. The have a distance counter and tracker that monitors your movements so you’re constantly challenged to perform your personal best. Their weatherproof and shock-resistant timepieces and exercise monitoring equipment would be great for those preparing to run a marathon or extreme sports enthusiasts. As you exercise you can wear one of their ankle devices to count steps, mileage and heartbeats. 

The great thing about adding Groupon to your shopping is that you can find all the gear you need at one site and forget about running from store to store in the mall. You make your selections and before you know it, they’ve been shipped to your front door or office. And often for free because it’s easy to qualify for free shipping. So don’t wait, get out there and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. You count your blessings and let Garmin count your steps.

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