Friday, March 18, 2016

Listening to Like I'm Gonna Lose You

When I am  feeling stressed, music is  my way of calming myself.  One of my favorite  songs of Meghan Trainor  is the Like I'm Gonna Lose You with John Legend.  I thought they did a great job with this song.

I am having a bit of anxiety thinking about moving.  I know that it is for the best but I  shake off the feeling of  leaving my very first home.  I came to  love this home and I maintained it the way I wanted, it makes me sad to leave this home.  I can't even remember how the kitchen on that other house looks like.  I know that it was a smaller kitchen compared to this  current one that we have but I am hoping that it has slides for pantry or else we wil have to buy.  My husband is already thnking of replacing the cabinets since it is old but it is going tobe  a long time  before we can do that.  I should be excited but here  I am  anxious about it, oh boy! 

 You can see from the background of the photo above the house that will become our future home.


  1. Music calms my mind, too and it helps me relax. I love this song by Meghan Trainor.

  2. I like that song of Meghan Trainer and John Legend. I actually like all of Meghan's songs and to top it off, she had to collaborate with John Legend who is also one of my favourite artists.

    Same as sis Liz, music helps in calming me especially when there's a lot going on. It helps soothe my frazzled nerves and brings back memories of family and love ones.

  3. Good luck on moving momy Rose! Grabe that's what I fely when we moved into our new home 2 years ago.

  4. Moving houses especially if you love your previous home so much really can cause anxiety but I'm sure your family will be fine since you are together.

  5. oh yes, I listened to this video and it's quite cool.

  6. Yes, I agree with you John and Megan nailed it! As for the moving part, we can't but feel attached to the home/house that we have lived in. But remember that we collect moments not things-that goes to say, the memories we make inside our home is what matters as compared to the house itself...God Bless on your move


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