Monday, January 4, 2016

Girligami and Art Supplies

I got this  origami kit for my daughter last Christmas.  She loves doing stuff like this. This  Girligami kit is awesome because she gets to  make  girly things.  She has more patience that her brother so this type of  things  really suits her interests.
She made this butterfly and she also made a shoe but I couldn't find where she put it.
Santa also got her  these materials which she really  likes.  She watches videos on youtube on how to draw faces  but now that she has  this book, she can just  red  and draw.  
I showed her a photo that I shared on Facebook and  told her that it would be beautiful if she can draw it.  She told me that sh would try it.

She also love this quote by George Santayana "The Earth has music for those who listen".
This is what she  came out with.  She did it while waiting for the ball to drop on new year's eve.


  1. Wow, great artwork! Ang galing naman ng pretty girl mo Sis!

    My daughter likes to do origami also. She would surely love me if I will get her that Girligami. :)

  2. This is so nice. Perfect for girls who are both into art and music!

  3. This is a great way to enhance your child's abilities in arts.

  4. yes artistic ability can also be developed through motivation. I also like the Girligami and art supply you gave your daugther

  5. Your little girl is so talented. I've been learning about her through your posts and I am really impressed! Continue to motivate and support her. You've got a gem right there!

  6. I have to get my daughter something like this, She'll surely enjoy it as well.

  7. "Girligami," I like the sound of that! Your daughter sure has a lot of talents.


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