Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Putting Back Creativity to Work

I miss my kids creativity  when they  are so busy playing games on their iPod.  I took away their iPods for  now  because I want them to go back to  doing other things that  ignites their creativity.  Those games can be very addictive  so it is best to limit their time for it.   
As soon as I put their iPods away,  they  get to do things that they neglect to do when their faces are buried on the screen.  Although I like the  silence when they are playing  in their gadgets but it is taking away  their creativity.  So putting away their gadgets is a great option to  get their creativity back.


  1. I think it would be better to set a limit, so they won't feel deprived. It's really nice to see kids active and exercising their creativity and imagination as well.

  2. My son can't use gadgets during school days. That's how we limit his use of gadgets. We also monitor his gadget use during weekends so that he'll do other things aside from tinkering with products of modern technology.


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