Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Family Memory Cube

Transferring my  office to the basement was put on hold.  Hubby can't find time to really help me with the project since he is very busy with his  studies.  He also wants to consult a local electrician to find out how we can  safely put a home entertainment down there so that when the kids wants to play with their toys, they will have something to watch  or listen to for entertainment.  

Meanwhile, I want to  share this project that my daughter did.  Their teacher want them to make a poster  with memorable pictures.  He had this idea of  putting the pictures in all sides of a shoe box.  She covered the box with a wrapping paper and my husband printed the pictures and she pasted it there.
 I think that it turned out really well.
 I was a little bit  worried that  she might get in trouble since she did it differently but  thank goodness, she didn't.
I am glad that she always thinks outside of the box.  She make sure to push her ability to do things.


  1. She's very talented.. I can't imagine how she becomes as she grows older and wiser. :) You are lucky to have a daughter like that sis.

  2. I wish I was like your daughter when I was younger but NO - LOL!

  3. it's really amazing how kids have such a wide imaginations.

  4. Oh! that is a cute family memory cube. Talagang artist ang daughter mo. She owns a creative mind.

  5. That was very creative of your daughter to come up with a unique idea for this class project. I'm sure she enjoyed working on it, too, because she's putting your happy family pictures there.

  6. This is a great project for kids. This actually gave me an idea to ask my daughter do the same thing.


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