Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Piano iPod Case

We searched and search for piano casing for Ms. Burrito's iPod at the mall but we never found one. We looked onlline and found one on eBay so we ordered it. I tried to convince my daughter to just get a girly design kind of casing for her iPod but she didn't like any. She was so fixed on getting a piano casing so that's what we did.
The seller of this  casing is from China so the shipping is  not very budget friendly lol.  But for my daughter's happiness and satisfaction, we bought it.  As long as we can afford it, we will always go for it but if not, then a serious talk is needed.


  1. Glad you bought it, but on your mind, just to tighten a little. The satisfaction for her means happiness for you. But keep on budget always and try to teach them the value of money.

  2. The piano ipod case looks really cute. Definitely a nice collectors item.

  3. that is one pretty nice ipod case i like the idea and the design very unique.

  4. It's really nice piano iPod case,so unique..I like it...

  5. So far, she's passionate with piano kasi haha! and this is unique din which is good hehehe

  6. I love unique phone case which is in your case, an ipod. That case really captures that you guys loves music.:)


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